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Equality for Flatbush (E4F) is a people of color-led, multi-national grassroots
organization that does anti-police repression, affordable housing and anti-
gentrification/anti-displacement organizing in Flatbush, East Flatbush and Brooklyn-wide.  Founded in June of 2013, Equality for Flatbush was created as a direct response to the increase in tenant and police harassment due to gentrification.  We have only 2 goals: to End NYPD murders and to Stop the displacement of low-to-middle income people from our community.  We organize our communities for social change and justice through street outreach, social media campaigns, political advocacy and direct action. 
Fighting Oppression // Building Power!

BEFORE IT'S GONE //TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn - Fighting Gentrification (B4G) is a neighborhood and web-based response to the crisis of gentrification of Brooklyn, NY.

We define ‘gentrification’ as a concerted, deliberate effort to price out low-to-middle income residents from neighborhoods by city government, corporations, real estate developers, and landlords in favor of renting, selling, and catering to people of higher and/or more flexible incomes. We see gentrification as an intersectional issue that is deeply connected to the ways that race, class, gender, sexuality, gender identity, age, ability, nation of origin, immigration status, physical and mental capacity, etc. impact individuals and our communities.

We also see a distinct difference between the historic voluntary migration of working and middle class families from cities to the suburbs as opposed to the current situation where existing communities are being involuntarily priced out, bought out and forcible removed from their neighborhoods by corporate developers.

We know from first-hand experience that the same unscrupulous property owners who use tactics to force long-time older tenants of color out of their rent-stabilized apartments will turn around and illegally overcharge incoming younger white tenants for the same apartment. For this very reason, we believe that all of us-long-time and new residents, communities of color and white communities, low-income and middle-class people - have a stake in the urgent struggle to save affordable housing in Brooklyn.

To get involved contact: or call /text (646)820-6039
En Español: call/text (513) 445-8532
En Kréyol: call/text (707) 200-3692

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